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Vibration Trainer Home edition,

Vibration trainer machine System

The i-Vibration comes complete with indispensable exercise straps, and presents the Oscillation vibration trainer innovation, with One Sturdy Motor that can product efficient movement kinds. You can pick in between 60 Oscillating Speeds. This offers you ultimate flexibility to make you’re training routine and make best use of outcomes. Max outcomes can be attained with only 15 mins of vibration trainer exercises. With only a minimum of three times per week. Utilizing the iVibration Whole Body Vibration Machine for 15min. is comparable to 60mins of weight training at the gym. With 80+ different workouts can be performed by making small variations to body positions. This makes the i Vibration Trainer one of the simplest and most hassle-free methods to looking great and feeling awesome.

 i Vibration Trainer Body Vibration machine Technology:

The iVibration Body Vibration Training Machine offers anaerobic type exercise between using whole body vibration. The iVibration surpasses this vibration by incorporating the 4th generation Triangular Oscillator System. This new form the vibration training  provides is an effective rocking motion rather than just horizontal movement as a means of minimizing the impact on ligaments and joints. There’s considerable distinctions between Triangular Oscillator System and horizontal driven vibration systems made use of by numerous various other vibration machines that can trigger more anxiety to the body. This new form of vibration by the i Vibration Trainer creates organized uncontrolled muscle tightening with less Gforce than the horizontal driven systems, made to trigger less tension on the joints and tendons. This rocking movement causes your brain to force the muscles in the body by counter acting the motion to maintain balance, therefore creating a restorative complete toning workout.

i Vibration Trainer Features include: Power:

Commercial Class Motor produce an effective workout

1 Motor of 500 W

Speed levels: 60 levels of speed

Handrail control buttons (time and speed)

Built in PROGRAMS: 3 PreSet and 6 Customize with USB reader

Display: Quality Bright LED display with Button Controls

FREQUENCY levels: Oscillating 5 to 30 Hz per sec.

AMPLITUDE height: Oscillating 10 mm, Full Workout

Exercise poster & Integral Exercise Straps for Maximum Flexibility.

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