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We pride ourselves on development the most efficient vibration plate. Taking nearly 4 1/2 years to develop a vibration pattern that takes exercise to a whole new level.
iVibration Pro

iVibration Pro

2 motor system that generates nearly 15g force of fat burning power. Click Here



Last years model. Only a few left at discounted price. Click Here

Kettlebell sandbag system

iFit KettleBag

Extreme build too big kettle bell sandbag. Coming soon

Exercise Sandbag

iFit Exercise Bag

A true extreme sandbag that get the job done. Come Soon

HaiYan LiaoConsultant

I've been using my vibration plate for over six months and lost nearly 20 pounds of unwanted fat, I was able to keep it off. I love my plate so much that  I've sold all my other exercise equipment.

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Our Latest Project.

iVibrationPro whole body vibration machine

iVibration Pro version 2


The iVibration Pro equipment is fourth-generation vibration technology. Our whole body vibration equipment was previously only used by professional athletes, high-end fitness centers, physical therapist chiropractors, medical doctors and many celebrities. Without jeopardizing the quality we know made it more affordable for the average person who wants to looking and feel great FAST.