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Hi Dr. Mike, It has been a few months ~~ I am down 33 lbs just using the plate
and watching my eating habits ~~ I really can’t believe it
The pain relief to my hip and knee is fantastic after years of pain and pills
without any success I feel you got me back on track ~~

Thanks, Bruce

Has anyone reported that they sleep better, deeper an a more sound sleep after working out on the plate, waking up refreshed . I noticed that I’m sleep great & and feel brand new when I wake up I’m not tired dragging looking for my coffee Just ready to go.

I suffered with back problems that prevented me form doing exercising. I talked with Dr. Mike and he said it helped many of his patients. So I decided to try it out and bought one. Best thing I ever did. I love my vibration plate and I tell everyone about it. My friends and family tell me I have muscles now. AWESOME

Thank you Dr. Mike

iVibration user

Perfect Human Diet.

Here’s a must see movie about eating health and losing unwanted fat FAST! Above is the trailer, but it’s  on Netflix / Amazon Prime. It’s about the Paleo Diet. The way we eat for over a million before industrial farming became the norm. PLEASE watch this MOVIE. Its the best of it kind.   This […]

do whole body vibration plates work

Do Whole Body Vibration Plates Work

Do Whole Body Vibration Plates Work? In the short video will explain how whole body vibration plates work. Will do comparison with the effectiveness of calorie burning with: Vibration compared to treadmills Vibration compared to walking How traditional aerobics don’t burn body fat effectively. And much more.


What is whole body vibration?

I’m going to cover some of the main benefits of “What is whole body vibration”. The purpose of this post is to tell you the real story and the real benefits plus to see if whole body vibration can help with your fitness goals and needs. Here’s some questions Ill be answering today: What is WBV? F=MxA The […]